The Perros Project on the Ground

The Perros  Project operates “on the ground” volunteer projects every other year. Note: If you are travelling in Peru while we are not there you can still help by working with our local contacts (please read further below)

If you are interested in traveling with us to Huanchaco, Peru here are a few things you should know as you consider the opportunity:

1) We typically take 3-10 volunteers with a preference for volunteers who have experience in veterinary care and construction.  We also give preference to volunteers who are fluent in Spanish.

2) Our next project is slated for June 2015  and is scheduled to last for 7 days.

3) The work is very hands-on.  Our three main volunteer areas include:

a. Partnering with Peruvian veterinarians to offer spay and neuter surgeries at no cost.

b. Working with the local animal shelter to improve the facility typically through construction projects.

c. Conducting community outreach to encourage the population to improve the lives of their animals through sterilization, vaccination and treatment for ticks and fleas as well as mange.

4) Outside of airfare, the personal cost for this trip is very minimal.  Typically volunteers pay $10-$40 at day for accommodation, food & drink.

5) Our previous volunteers had great success in raising funds for their airfare and we are more than happy to talk with interested volunteers about fundraising ideas.

6) While there is no shortage of work to do, we strive to include one or two free days where volunteers can sightsee, relax, learn to surf etc.


Working with the Street Dog of Huanchaco at Other Times:

Although we are unable to work directly with volunteers while we are not in Peru, we are happy to connect you with our partners on the ground.  People who are traveling in Peru and have an interest in helping with the street dog population in Huanchaco should contact us. Once we have an idea of your interest and experience we should be able to match you with the right partner in Peru.  Volunteers are needed to do door to door of veterinary services, clinic work and general care of the dogs at a local shelter.  All interested volunteers should be proficient Spanish as there is little English spoken in the area.

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  • What a great opportunity to see the lives of beautiful dogs in the eyes of their Peruvian beholders! How different from what we see here. It was great to find that we could make a difference and better the lives of some lucky few!

    – Holli

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