Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the Perros Project! Your financial contribution will make hands-on help possible to the dogs of Huanchaco. The American dollar can go a long way in Peru and we pledge to put each dollar to good use. Every dollar you give can help in a variety of ways from providing medications & veterinary attention for the dogs to purchasing materials and supplies for the shelter.

The Perros Project has official 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. That means your donation is tax deductible – woohoo!

If sending a check please make payable to: ‘The Perros Project’ and send to The Perros Project, 3525 NE 50th Ave, #310, Portland, OR 97213

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At this time we are working on fundraising for the following projects and would be grateful for your support:

  • Purchasing dog houses to be used by the dogs at the local shelter (currently the shelter does not have a roof so the dogs are generally not protected from the elements): $25 per shelter.  50 shelters needed.
  • A monthly Spay/Neuter fund given to the Ahren Clinic in Trujillo and dedicated to the dogs of Huanchaco: $50.
  • Christmas box with dog toys and blankets: $10 per dog (includes shipping).
  • Funds for Peruvian veterinary students to attend our 2013 clinic.
  • Initial fundraising towards the travel expenses of  American veterinarians in 2013: $500  per veterinarian.

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  • The Perros Project clarified in my mind some of the things that truly mean something to me: The rejuvenating power of service to others, the strength of community of like minded people, the strength we bring to each other with our similarities, differences and our passion to make this a better place.

    – Matt

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